The perfect kiss?

Describe the time when you had your perfect kiss.


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  • My perfect kiss wasn't any movie moment or anything especially romantic or anything. It was Homecoming Dance night of my senior year in high school. I wasn't dating anybody at the time so I went with my friend, my sister, and her date. We stayed and danced a while but then my sister and her man had made plans to go to his best friend's house to hang out. They invited me to go along, probably only for 2 reasons.

    1) So I wouldn't rat them out to our mom

    2) So that we would get home at the same time without having to coordinate things

    But I did know his best friend. He had started calling me about 6 months earlier and we talked on the phone constantly. He asked me out and I said yes but it was the summer and my mom forbid me to see him so after a week or 2 we agreed we should "break up" because we hadn't spent more than 5 minutes together. We went back to being friends and talking on the phone but that's it.

    So we got to this guy's house and my sister and her man went into his room to be alone. That left me and the friend alone in the living room watching tv. We sat and talked for a long time. I was wearing a satin slip dress and these strappy sandals. He said something about what perfect feet I had and ran his finger along the arch of my foot. Send shivers down my spine. Next thing I knew, we were kissing on his couch. It was just this amazing kiss. Soft. Sweet. Sensuous. Passionate. Just the right amount of everything. It was amazing. It's been like 12 years and I still have flashbacks on it, lol.


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  • my perfect kiss was actually last nite.

    we played spin the bottle and I landed on my crush.


    it was a minimum 3 mississippi second kiss so that's what we did.

    not to show anyone that we liked each other.

    we both closed our eyes.

    he put his arms around me, near my waist.

    we each tilted JUST SLIGHTLY in opposite directions.

    our lips touched and it was the best moment of my life.

    we pulled away and I could still feel the warm lips. =D

    we looked at each other like both really liked it and should go out.

    so I think at the next party we're gonna be at next week I'll ask him out.

  • My perfect kiss was just like you see in the movies. It was a first date and right around christmas. He had walked me to my doorstep and right as he was leaning in, it started to softly snow.I'll never forget it.

  • we were 12 and at a family party. we were kids and ever since we were like 3 we liked each other but still didn't go out. well we were little kids and he asked me to play spin the bottle with him and his friend and it landed on us two. we went outside, it was raining and we kissed in the forest. it was our first kiss, it felt like magic, I loved it. its been 6 years and know that we are dating we look back at that and think its the cutest thing ever [[[[=

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