Why do you think my date is not texting at all? What he wants from me?

Hey so im dating with a guy around a month now. We met on Tinder the first date was amazing for both of us so we immediately planned a second one, a dinner night outside. Then that one was good, had sex that night at mine didn't ask him to stay also he got dressed and went home but we went on until 5th date.

But during the week days he barely texts, usually im the one who texts then he replies after hours, basically 6 lines a day maybe. But no good morning, good night messages nothing during the day. Almost only for arranging the dates.

Sex is getting better actually really good and i can see he enjoys a lot! He laughs with me a lot when chatting at a pub or a restaurant, i think he finds me fun as well. A bit of cuddling, spooning, chit chatting in the bed in the mornings started. But his behavior towards me when he is sober is really sarcastic and weird.

When he is even a bit tipsy he is so fun nice, flirty and kind. But sometimes especially the last date in the morning he made me feel really bad..

Our dates are not indoors only, we go out together even though it ends up at each others, no booty calls i want to see you tonight but when i ask what he was looking on tinder he said he hates this question and said he wants to pass this question.

What does he wants from me?


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  • It's possible that he's either not as interested in you as you thought, or he just doesn't want a real relationship in general. Also, you might not be the only girl. I've hooked up with literally dozens of girls from Tinder, it's just so damn easy. I just scroll through my phone and choose whoever I feel like hooking up with that night, and boom... done. Haha it might sound sick, but still true nontheless. I will say this... if I'm able to sleep with the girl on the first or second date, then I usually lose interest in her for anything more than a hook up. The girls I fall for are the ones who understand seduction, and how to make you actually work for it. That's what creates a real connection and strong attraction. Hook ups are a dime a dozen, but the girls who understand seduction are the ones worth pursuing for real. Just my $0.02

    • So you say It turned into just a hook up then.. Then why would you bother to go out each time spending hours together, just you know that we will end up in bed is his motivation to do that, why he is just not inviting me at his with no effort. Last date he also asked if im still in touch with my ex husband he knows we end our marriage 6 months ago, before he also asked why we decided to divorce etc. I am really confused..

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    • So on top of that, now you're saying he might be on the other side of the world in a few months, and you're still wondering why he's not sure about commitment? It's just plain common sense at this point haha. Nothing wrong with still dating him, ya never know what might happen. But it's prob best not to have high expectations. Well if he leaves then swipe me on Tinder haha

    • Hahaha yeah when adding thing on top of each other turns a bit more clear.. Have one more question how can i ask him if we are just hook up without scaring him or sound too needy? I am not expecting a deep serious relationship but want to know if we dating or dating for ending up having sex.

      But do consider he did refuse to answer my question before.

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  • Are you sure he considers it dating? And not just hanging out with his hookup? I think you've got the wrong idea. He met you on Tinder, a hookup site, you slept together on the 2nd date then he went home, didn't stay, he only contacts you to meetup and then it ends in sex yeah? Your f*ck buddies. I think you need a conversation with him about what you both think the relationship is.

    • Yeah that is what confuses me. I am trying to get the conversation over there but he refuse to talk this kind of stuff. Even though i asked 'THE QUESTION' and he refused to answer. He might as well could just say im on tinder just to have a good time a nice way of saying we are just f. ck buddies.. I don't know what the heck is wrong with him..

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    • damn i asked him to go out again he find an excuse meeting with some friends, and i was honest telling him that i dont want to be pushy i was liking him and enjoy seeing him, and he said an ex is back he was enjoying seeing me too and i wasn't pushy at all, he wants time and asking me if he can call me next week when head is more clear the hell does it mean? still just a mind fuck...

    • If he's hooked on an ex then don't get involved, let him sort that first before getting yourself into a messy situation and facing heartache.

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