Would it make sense for a guy to wait on dating me until I was out of college?

To explain, I go to college every day for classes. During the week I don't have free time because my studies are intense.. it's only weekends I have free, or breaks. He works 24/7, literally, and weekends he works the longest shifts.. he also has to travel away every other month for his other career. we tried to schedule things in the past but had to cancel and reschedule many times because of our timing not working. he's 26, I'm 22. I'm not sure what he thinks being in college is like either since he never went to college. Would it make sense to wait to date until I graduate since this is my last year?
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  • He sounds too busy even for when you finish college. The only reason I think someone should wait is if one of them needed to turn 18 first. Otherwise if there is some other problem, it will likely persist anyways.

    • He does. It really saddens me. We can talk forever online but it can't sustain a relationship. I want to make it work really badly.. but he works literally every day for one job, and the other requires frequent travel and other commitments. :(

    • Then think how it would be long term. If you lived together with someone like that, you would be in an empty house. You could say you are in a relationship, but in reality, you would be by yourself.
      You being in college and only available one or two days per week is a reasonable amount of time being together until you live with someone, but as much as he is gone, I don't think it will work. Maybe you should find someone with more time available.

    • Well I do like being alone.. but you're right. I don't know how long this will continue as he doesn't want it to be permanent but it's looking like it will be.

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