Girls, Ladies, I want your opinions regarding the display pic?

Which girl is attractive? Also, the Is the guy attractive?
  • Left girl; yes guy is attractive
    Vote A
  • Left girl; no guy is not attractive
    Vote B
  • Right; yes guy is attractive
    Vote C
  • Right; no guy is not attractive
    Vote D
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What Girls Said 1

  • The guy is cute just saying. If he is yours you are lucky.

    • no he isn't mine haha he's my friends brother. but what makes him cute? someone told me he looks like zayn? do you think so?

    • I just like his face, it's aesthetically pleasing. I don't know what Zayn looks like but if he looks like him well damn! Not he's cute and I really have a thing for guys with that skin colour. I also like his dark eyes.

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