I have troubles dropping arguments?

not in the case that I argue a lot. But like if someone upsets me it lingers longer than it should. Usually I'll get internally frustrated and just tune everyone out

due to circumstances I'm stuck in a country where I'm not allowed to work, and I haven no money nor a car. I think it stems a lot from this also from the fact I feel like they'll keep hurting me cause some people even regardless of my prolonged "recovery" argument time still tend to do the same shit that hurt me in the first place.

Sometimes im not even mad at the person for what they've done but more like I'm mad at them for angering me and the fact I know it takes me forever to get over things.

At at the end of the day I'm at upset at myself because I can't just drop things like most people. It takes a long time sometimes days. And this is of course hard when you live with someone, I can't be ignoring my husband for days.

I don't know what to do with myself , help!! Pls


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  • That's your ego


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