Does he like me or not?

I've been talking everyday to this guy I met at work since the end of October. He asked for a date last month, we hung out all day, he's came to my house to see a movie and makeout, we flirt on snapchat and send pics, he's been very nice, helpful, give me rides home, he's been the one to approach me 90% of the time. I had invited him to eat and he agreed. It all went well. Except I'm a shy girl but I'm not as shy as I used to be in highscool. I talked the whole time we ate but he for the first time he mentioned im shy. when I arrived he looked nervous because I got ready n looked nicer then I usually do for work. I know he likes me and I do too a lot. He got jealous a lot when I mentioned I ate with some guy coworkers. he's coming to my house next week, he still messages me a lot. Honestly on the first date we both thought it was ok, what I wore wasn't really me and I didn't look that nice as I did the second time, but this second time we went to eat I looked nicer, as Myself and talked a lot more. I just feel bad that everyone I know sees me as quiet and shy but it will only make me work on it more and be more confident around him, he will be impressed. he said he talks a lot he's not shy, he used to be.
he only flirts in text so it makes me not want to flirt in person, I prob will when he visits me at home, but I'm going to step back after all this and not invite him anymore until he makes more moves.
in way it's good because eventually a talkative person will help me be talkative. But honestly he's the only one that makes me confortable, around him gradually I talk louder n speak my mind with him. I've never done that with anyone, we r very close. I'm not shy to kiss him either. Also he doesn't flirt in text so ik he's shy himself when he tries to act like he's never shy at all n all confident, I can observe him n many times he's nervous with me, in the car I acidebtly touched his hand n he didn't move at all, he even dreamed about us kissing

Any advice though?


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  • He doesn't


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