Guys, Why keep talking to me if you don't want to see me?

I recently met a guy that lives about 2 hours away. We had one date that went very well. Afterwards we went from talking every other day to all day every day. I tried to set up another date and he told me he would let me know closer to the date if he was free (?). I waited a week and he didn't say anything. However something came up and I rescheduled for the next weekend. He said that sounded good. I waited till 3 days before and still hadn't gotten firm plans of where/when we would meet. I finally told him (after asking twice and him not replying to it, but other parts of the text) I needed to know so I could plan on the drive. He finally replied he was busy and couldn't meet. I told him it was OK, but to let me know when he was available as I felt I was being pushy. He hadn't replied in almost a week? I don't understand what happened.


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  • You say he kept talking to you, but how much of that was him actually initiating the conversation? That's the important point.

    • I would say it was about equal

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    • Well I found out he's had a girlfriend since before we even met.

    • Well that should explain everything then.

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  • You're getting played. Back out while you've got a chance.

  • maybe he just enjoys talking with you...

    • So why not just tell me that instead of leading me on?

    • for that kind of information, you are going to have to ask him. no-one else in the world is likely to have a clue.

  • did you or are you planning to put out?

    • Did not put out at all. I usually wait until I see how we feel about each other before deciding one way or the other.

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