Will he chase me again?

I started dating a guy in December and it was fantastic! At the start we text throughout the day and he called pretty frequently as well. Now he doesn't call and takes hours to respond to my texts. I've quit initiating but I'm wondering if I can make him chase me again? Maybe it was too easy?


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  • He may have something or someone else in mind right now, or maybe he just lost interest in you. You should get a little more information in order to understand what's happening! He doesn't seem much into you though, I wouldn't get my hopes too high if I were you

    • The short version: all started out great. I quit texting him so he'll wait a couple of days and check in with me, I'm not getting this! It's almost as though he found someone, which is fine but if that's the case go away!

What Girls Said 1

  • I wouldn't want to be with someone that I have to make chase me. Eh, just sounds unreal.

    • Good point. I guess I'm just not sure what changed

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