I'm not sure how to end this?

Me and this guy are friends with benefits. we already slept together and we barely talk which is fine with me. He messaged me on Snapchat the other night and I told him that I wanted to meet up again and he didn't respond. This is the second time that this is happening. I don't text him a lot because I don't have feelings for him honestly all I want to do is to have sex. He responds to a text message asking him how he's doing pretty quickly, but when I want to get together I get ignored. I'm confused. I want to end this because I don't like being ignored but I don't want to come off as crazy just because he ignored three text messages and I'm trying to end it.

I am a female he is a male I am 23 he is 28


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  • That's like an athlete team forfeiting an entire game only because they missed 3 shots.

    Don't you think that's the slightest bit silly and impatient, insecure?

    • Not really. He never responds to me when I message him, it's obvious that he doesn't want to sleep with me again, but keeps carrying on other conversations that I don't want to have. Why not just say that you don't want to do that anymore?

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    • Alright Stay bright, sunshine☀️

    • Just wanted to update you on this situation. I decided to end things but I wanted to let him know first and not just ignore him so this is what I sent him

      I'm not exactly sure what I did to mess this up. It's pretty clear that you don't want to continue this, or sleep with me again. Maybe you didn't like my vagina. I'm okay with that. I notice that when I bring the subjecf of seeing you again, you ignore it. I got the hint. My bad for coming on a little stronger then I should have. I'm going to stop the pictures, messages and everything now. I don't want to waste anymore time. At this point im annoying myself. I hope that you can and will continue to keep this entire thing between us and I wish you the best.

      He started replying almost immediately saying that I'm not wasting any time, that he loves my vagina, he's sorry for making me feel that way, and that he's a horrible texter.

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  • listen carefully to my advice, cause i've been in the same situation. we slept together more than once but later she started ignoring messages and telling me because she's working. bullshit. actually, because she started having feelings for me and she couldn't say so.
    so i guess he has feeling for you and maybe he can't say that. i think he's fucked up if he kept silence. cause you'll dump him anyways

    • I don't understand people. If you feel more for a person why don't you just say so. Ignoring them only makes them angry makes them not want to speak to you anymore because you're ignoring them.

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    • Your right! Thank you so much for the advice. I won't end things I'll just wait. Give it a little more time and see what happens

    • and don't do the same mistake, if you see him throwing signs that he's into. just act without talking. however, if you see that's actually being a dick and trying to escape the relationship. then, be happy cause you are brave girl.

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  • Well unfortunately you just have to end it over text if he's not going to give you the scent respect of meeting up.

    • Why do you think he is avoiding me sexually but not socially?

    • Perhaps he feels seeing you would cause too much of a change in his life that he isn't prepared for.

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