I friendzoned a guy, what should I do?

Our situation is a bit complicated so I'll cut it short. I've been close friends with him for a relatively long time. Im in a (healthy) polyamorous situation, with a lovely girl and an amazing guy who is the flatmate of the Friend. Friend has an (unhealthy) open relationship. I predict it won't last long as his girlfriend is asexual and he has more feelings for both his 'secondary' girls (one of them is my love too). And for me.

I knew he wanted to sleep with me for a long time, but ignored it because I'm not interested. Guys will be guys and all. But as I got closer with my girl, seeing her more often than he did, he started acting mean and jealous. I thought he was only jealous because he wanted her all for himself, which would be extremely greedy in his situation, but it turned out to be about me too.

He cried when he told me and I didn't know how to respond. His situation is not something I want to be involved in and I'm not attracted to him that way.

I know his feelings are genuine. My lovers turned out to already know for ages. I want to stay friends with him as I really like joking with him and playing computer games during classes together and I could tell him pretty much everything before he started getting jealous whenever it concerned love. Is there a chance we can just go on like that? Would that be nice or cruel?

(He also seems to take it personally that I don't want to date him despite mentally being a good "match".)


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  • You should move on

    • Im not sure if you read the question and description, but I'm not the one with feelings.

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