What signs might a narcissist show? How long will it take for him to show his true colours?

Have you ever dated a narcissist?


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  • Some times it is hard to notice the signs but with one. Everything comes back to benefiting him in some way. With a lot of narcisists you won't notice it cause they learn to be quite charismatic. I recently had a prof. Who was a nice teacher but a very charismatic narcissist who loved being the center of attention of women. I was the unlucky boob who joined his female friends in a class that they wanted to take.
    Look to see if he is ever selfless. I'm not talking about being a gentleman cause that profits him. Sometimes you have to look hard in order to see it. Because so many people are just selfish these days. Good luck with him.

  • talks only about himself


What Girls Said 1

  • -He will try to manipulate you by making you think that everything you are doing is wrong.
    -He will make you feel inferior by constantly trying to insult you.
    -He will throw a tantrum whenever things don't go his way.

    • Omg that was him exactly!

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    • There is no need to put her down. Odds are she will be one of his victims as well. You should put the blame on him. The girl didn't do anything.

    • I know you're right. It's just hard to not look at her and think what does she have that I don't. I asked him so many times to go out and meet people and he always had some lame excuse. He walks around with her like he's showing her off.

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