What does it mean when a guy says,"I love you" 1st & you say it back. But then after a few weeks you say it again, but he doesn't say it back?

So this guy I've been talking to for a decent amount of time told me, "I love you" after an argument and I told him I loved him back because I do have love for him (not in love). However, I tell him, "I love you," after a few weeks and he didn't say it back. We're not together, but it is more then a friendship, less than a relationship. But I'm confused to why he didn't say it back if he was the first one to utter the words in the very first place.


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  • Well feelings do change and for some people fast. He could of said I love you out of impulse to not lose you after the argument or said it installed of sorry. If he didn't say it back then maybe he doesn't feel comfortable saying it anymore for whatever reason

    • Well if feelings changed why does he still make a point to communicate with me everyday? I'm so confused

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    • If anything I think he got the wrong idea because I didn't say it in the context of being in love with him, I said it in the terms of just having love for him. We are just friends but even he admitted it himself, if feels like more then that. But you're right people wake up with different feelings everyday.

    • See you should talk to him about it. It seems like there may have been some major confusion there. If he admitted to thinking that your relationship could maybe be more than just friends he could be scared of moving to fast by saying I love you again.

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  • He didn't say anything at all when you told him so? Maybe he realized that it was too soon to be saying that and he regretted the first time.

    • No, he didn't say anything but "goodnight". This happened last night and he hasn't communicated with me all day which is unusual. But now I feel stupid for saying it.

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