Guys, Should I be worried?

my boyfriend and i have been dating for almost two years now, and as crazy as this may sound. I'm not sure if we have are actually dating because we love each other or because he just doesn't want to go out looking for someone or not. I say this because when we first started dating he had a picture of another girl as his wcw and even though he had a girlfriend he never took it down. I took it down after the 5 week, because I hoped he would and I got sick of seeing it. Because I knew if I did that he would be mad. Within that year and months we've been dating he's never posted pictures or taken any picture of me or us at all. If he did take a picture it was on my phone. But recently we took a three week break from our relationship because he said he needed space. All of a sudden like three different girls popped up on his Snapchat. When we got back together he told me that they are friends even though they liked him. I'm not real sure what to think. Guys am I over thinking? I love him and I want to believe he truly loves me. But I've honestly been hurt way too much to sit here and blindly wait to get hurt again. I'm hoping for the best but it doesn't mean I won't prepare myself for the worst.


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  • Be prepared for the worst.


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