What do you think about dating 9 years younger girl?

I am dating beautiful and successful women around my age (26) but right now I have me this 17 years old which is also beautiful and I really like her personality. It seems to very weird to date 17 years old at my age but on the other hand it is just it just a number... but?


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  • In my country its legal but in lots its illegal until 18.. so what are your countries rules are you should obey by them..


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  • Just hang on 1 year then do whatever you feel like


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  • If you're both compatible and enjoy each other's company, go fo it! I know plenty of people who are happily in relationships with a big age difference like that.

    • Yes that is right, just the fact that I have met plenty of women last few months and even though they were hot it kinda didn't like their personality and perception of life... But now there is this 17yo girl who impressed me.

  • it's also illegal. until she turns 18

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