She likes someone else, but I think she likes me too?

So I was at a birthday party (gathering) a couple nights ago for my mate and me and this chick got drunk and cuddled as I got hypothermia (or on the brink of it) probably from not creating heat from kinetic energy, and we lay there and she spilled that she liked a guy extremely casually (as a drunk person would) but I know she has some feelings towards me. So since she does have feelings for me (I know I can't be sure, just that saying she definitely was), but likes someone else would it be a good idea to ask her out?


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  • how do you actually know, she would've said she liked u if she was drunk because almost everything spills out when your tipsy...

    • I can't its just, saying that if she definitely did, which I'm not saying is the truth then what would I do?

    • Just.. Remove.. The.. Girl. From. Your. Mind.. And.. If. She. Loves. U... He.. Will.. Say.. That. She loves u. And. She.. Wants. Your. AttentionšŸ˜ƒ

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