How busy can a guy really be?

I have been seeing a guy for over half a year but we have become long distance due to work commitments. He is extreamly busy working from 8am till 9-10pm almost every week on top of other commitments. Due to this our communication is close to non existence. We exchange one text a day and maybe a ten mins conversation over the weekend because this is when he catches up on rest. I am also very busy and career focused so I can understand where this is coming from to a certain extent but it is challenging because I feel that I can always make time to communicate whereas nothing is coming from his end. I cannot remember the last time where he has initiated a conversation with me to see how my week has been, it's almost always me then he returning a day later going " hey sorry crazy day, how are you?" Then off again only to be repeated... We have spoken about this and he would always tell me that work is very very stressful and whenever he is not working all he wants to do is just sleep. So the question is can one really be that busy that even a proper conversation is impossible? Or is this a hint that I should just move on?


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  • its no more a relationship... move on


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