Having girl issues and being treated like crap from others for years but still, I receive advice to let it go and move on and be happy. HOW?

This is my third attempt in trying to seek help. I'm now a 25-year-old male, I've been asking this question since I was 18. My main issue is girls, I haven't dated a girl in my life. I love to finally have a date with someone I can like. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. What happens is I approach girl or girl approaches me. We become friends and all. I eventually like them after months knowing them but by then it's too late. They like someone else and I became friendzoned without realizing, Girls sit up and complain to me all the time and I am always there to support their issues. I get big headaches and fatigue that I can't take the complaints anymore when I try to text them about hanging out and they take weeks to reply or forgot I even wanted to do something with them. I get all emotional and just want to end the friendship by just breaking out everything that I am having troubles with being around this girl. This makes the girl mad and we just stop talking to each other. I am left feeling like a bad villain and see her with her new man and various of friends, I'm sitting in one corner alone and forgotten. I asked for advice from various people, I get told to be patient, to have hobbies, to work out, to go to school, to get a job, try to be positive, try to move somewhere else, to volunteer, stop being a rug mat, to stop trying to hard, to try online dating, to try stop being the "nice guy" and I am not the "nice guy", to go to threapy, etc. I've done all this and still doing this. However, it seems like what I am doing is wrong, its like girls are impatient selfish creatures demanding for extreme attention within weeks of knowing them like I quickly have to have sex with them before they change their mind into liking this other man. What I mean extreme attention also it's not coming up to kiss their butts but asking to kiss their butts and be all flirty and fake with them. (Now at times I feel like I am not good enough for them and they deserve better.)


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  • opposite is true, you're to good for them, oddly enough but most girls like the"bad boy" type of guys I don't get it, they like to fight but also to be always right, I also have many girl freinds (like friends... I don't really like English) and I'm okay with it, there will be that one that has enough of the game and will love you! It just takes time, I had my last girlfriend 10 years ago and we're still pretty good freinds 🤓 just do something that you like, forget about girls and relationships, one will come in the least expteted time ;) but talk to people you think you like, don't let your chance walk away. Also you need to be the one who's forward ie pushing the relationship forward

    • I understand I keep meeting the crazy ones. I don't know how to move the relationship forward cause I never had a relationship

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    • I have a lot of hobbies, I love to travel when I have the money, I like taking scenic photos, I like taking care of animals when I volunteer, I like working out, I love to make music on fruity loops, I also play games but I try not to play too much lol. Ill look into the book. I hope a female responds to my question I want to see a females point of view

    • best of luck! just find someone you like and has a same hobby ;) works best

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  • "I eventually like them after months knowing them"
    Okay, your issue is that you don't go for it immediately. Those girls assume that you are not interested in them from the start, so they end up being friends with you.

    • Well I try to ask if they want to hang out at times, or they don't have time to talk to me :(. At times. Do I just keep trying harder? Be a try hard?

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    • What are the things you don't like about yourself? Do you think you can improve them?

    • The things I don't like about myself:
      I'm a big idiot ( I don't like someone until they fall inlove with someone else), I think too much about others peoples lives through social media (never realizing how fake their lives can actually be), I dislike that I have compassion in others ( I wish I was like every other guy), I'm too sensitive, I'm hardheaded, I lack social skills, I allow myself to be a rugmat at times, I make a ton of people dislike me, I show my emotions I can't keep them at bay, I'm a boy scout, I lack dating skills, I like skills that keep people comfort, I hate that I am just a human resource towards most people. I attract the wrong people, I'm impatient, I'm full of hatred, I'm tired of showing and beening seen as that "nice guy", I view people as greater than me, I'm afarid to to discuss my problems towards those who are causing it, I don't view woman just for sexual reasons, I gain too much knowledge and hardship about knowing how human life works.

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