Guys, Do guys test you or play games?

OK so I've been dating/seeing a guy for 3 months, things were good until an ex of mine told the new guy we had some history, things seemed to have gone from full on to nothing, OK i can understand the new guy not wanting sloppy seconds but what I don't understand is now I'm getting calls and texts from the new guys flat mate, random calls too, I'm also hearing things about him through mutual friends that seem to be aimed at me, surely he's over us as it was only around 3 months? I feel confused and not sure if it's worth trying to fight for this guy?


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  • He basically told his people you are a whore. Even if you did work it out there's no going back. I'd beat up your ex to prevent this in the future

    • I feel like should beat the ex up, he still doesn't leave me alone with phonecalls and random texts, after a year! So you think I should give up?

    • New guy won't get that out of his head, his friends think you're trash and will push him to leave you= no chance at future happiness. In the future just warm any new boyfriend that you have a stalker, and consider calling the cops to get a restraining order.

    • Yeh I suppose you're right, the whole situation just confused me.

  • I kinda dont know what the hell ur tryina ask, shit got confusing about 3/4 the way through


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