Flirting and dating advice?

so girls have you seen any of the books and stuff that are out all over the place to help guys "pick-up" girls or have better "game"

just wondering if you have actually seen any of them provide good advice, or if its all just stuff you laugh at while thinking, "that would never work on me"

ha ha thanks : P


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  • Some of it has good general advice like teaching guys how to establish rapport with women and be more confident. But the more specific examples like "neg hitting" and sh*t like that would not and does not work on me. I've had guys do that to me before I even knew there was a term for it and I always just thought they were lame and didn't give them any play at all. It does work on insecure girls with low self esteem though but I'm a confident chick so I don't even pay wanna be pick up masters attention.


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  • I have used that material, and I must say, it works. Certain ones though, ones that I'm not at liberty to mention. I don't tell girls that I use that stuff. Because all girls will deny having it work on them.

    • Haha ya, I'm pretty sure a lot of them know its out there, and if its rare that they admit it works...

      i mean I've used a handful of it and some stuff works and some doesnt, it has to be in context and depends who you are, but I think its mainly just stuff that helps you build ur character toward women...

      i just thought id try to see if I could get some honest female opinions on the matter haha

    • Yeah, no, for the most part, after extensively going through everything I could find, I realized it was just training wheels, and you just learn to become a better, more interesting person. There are chicks that despise it, and there are chicks who don't care about it. But all chicks will not admit to falling for it if they saw it on paper. They'd have to experience it first hand and not know the guy is using it

    • Ya I don't know I guess since I have asked a couple girls who I am friends with about some random things I thought were good, and they have actually admitted to a few things or said that it could work if used correctly...

      haha just trying a short cut to get ideas here pretty much

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