Will this progress? Is he interested?

Hello, I met a guy on match. com, he's very respectful, consistent, and we have gone out on 5 dates. He has not tried to sleep with me only thing we have done is kiss. I like him but the issue is that it will be two months soon from our first date. I like spending time with me and he's told me he has enjoyed every date with me, has said i'm pretty with a great personality. I live in NYC and he lives in Long Island, an hour and half away. He called me up couple of days before our last date, and wanted to talk to me and see if I was okay with the slow progress of our dating, and said he didn't want to hold me back if I was looking for things to go faster. He said by no means did he want me to think that he didn't like me, he said that was not what he was saying but said that he has been "trying to wrap his head" dating someone that lived not close to him. He said his previous relationships were with people who lived like 15 min away from him. He asked me if I wanted to still date and see where it goes or just be friends, we agreed to continue to date. He said at this point in his life he is looking for a relationship, but says since he is an only child, and he lost his mother two years ago, he wants to spend every Saturday with his dad, has fears of losing him and does not want to regret missed time with him. We've seen each other Dec 2, Dec 11th, 18th, Jan 4 and Jan 17th. Last week he said maybe we would get together this weekend, and then I asked him yesterday what he was up to this weekend and he said Saturday of course with his dad, and then today going to visit friends and then asked me when i was free this week. I said I was free this Monday, Tuesday or Friday. He said lets do this Friday which will be more than 2 weeks since our last date. I get its very hard for a relationship to work with distance. Any guy perspective thoughts on how I can try to make this work? and what he said, does it seem that he feels he it won't work?


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  • He actually seems interested in giving it a chance. However, if seeing each other only twice a month isn't enough for you, you should consider ending it.

  • Doesn't seem like it


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