What's wrong with me that he doesn't want to kiss me?

I've been seeing this guy for a few months. When we hang out together we have a great time and he is always laughing and smiling in my company. Sometimes when I'm not looking and turn back round he will be staring at my face and smiling. We usually spend about 7 hours together each time. When I tell him about my past relationships he asks me lots of questions about them and asks me if i was still texting my ex I was with before

I asked him recently what he felt about me and he went very flustered and started stuttering and repeating himself. He went very embarrassed and said that he's been thinking about it too and says that he enjoys spending time with me and wants to continue hanging out with me. He also said that at one point he was thinking 'should I kiss her?'

but he hasn't kissed me or made a move on me.

Whats wrong with me for him not wanting to kiss me?


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  • he wants to kiss you. the fact that he said that was a plea for help lol. he's afraid of you rejecting him.
    what you should have said when he told you that was ask him if he wants to kiss you and move in a little closer when asking.
    there's nothing wrong with you, you just didn't know that you both want the same thing. you have to basically give him a blaring hint to kiss you.
    one option, next time you two are talking sit close to him. during the conversation look at him smiling (the same way you said he looks at you). if he asks "what" say the following (or just interrupt him) "you have a really cute face"
    now it doesn't have to be face it can be nose eyes anything that's on his face.
    if he's bashful he may blush but you have to move in closer as if examining his face. say a few more good things about it. then lean in closer (kissing distance) and ask "whadda y'think, is mine cute too?"
    it sounds simple but done right the tension for the kiss will be in the air. (now if he automatically compliments your face then your follow up question changes to "what about my face is cute?" when you lean in to kissing distance.)
    this is where he decides if he's going to kiss you. so long as your faces are very close, don't move back. stay there. he should kiss you soon. and then you're golden.

    if after being that close he doesn't kiss you, he is ridiculously shy and you need to just lay one on him next time you feel like doing it.


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  • Maybe you didn't give him the response he wanted.

    What did you say when he said, he was thinking 'should I kiss her?'


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  • Maybe he is self conscious about kissing. Maybe he thought himself as not a good kisser.

  • you try and kiss him


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