I met a great guy in a bar Friday night!! But not sure what's going on now?

We danced and he kissed me several times. Wanted to spend night with me but I declined so he asked for my number and then texted me his number right away. I msgd him today, he replied but I sort of shut it down cuz I felt silly msging him then he said "see you soon" and I replied that I'm not the greatest with texting and I think he should ask me out sometime. Being flirty like I was Friday via text. He hasn't replied in a couple hours now. Should I just move on then? This texting crap is so messed up these days and no one can be forward or decent enough to tell you they're not interested so how do I know what to do without assuming the worst?


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  • give it a few days at most. If you get nothing you can decide then to either text him again or just leave it and move on

    • Thanks. I'm not chasing the guy with another text in a few days after he hasn't replied to my last two texts. I haven't been back in the dating scene that long and it's sooooo different now. Ignores me after I playfully suggested he ask me out lol. So whatever.

      N. E. X. T!

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    • Yeah bars are not exactly the best place to be looking, but you never know for sure

    • I wasn't looking tho. Just met someone and was stupid enough to believe he was interested lol. I only go once or twice a month to go dancing with my gfs and that's it.

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  • He hasn't replied in a couple of hours. That is not a big deal, people have stuff to do through the day. I think you should wait for a while before deciding to stop talking to him

    • It's just weird that after I playfully suggest he ask me out is when he stops replying lol. I know it's not a big deal, but sometimes the timing is with some stuff. You know?