Girls, why is she distancing herself?

This is a very long story but I will compress it as much as I can. I like this woman a lot. We are friends and see each other in person every Saturday and Sunday at a local hangout. She has been out of a relationship for quite some time and seems ready to give another try. We have gone out with each other once and really hit it off. Her personal life is a disaster however and after a month of waiting to continue dating her I got pissed (my mistake) and called everything off. The next day I felt bad because she is a friend and apologized, genuinely. She was moved and we made out. More than two weeks have passed and she doesn't respond to my texts. I only have sent two in the two weeks. I don't want to bother her. In public she almost completely ignores me and seems pissed at me. She said she wanted to continue our friendship and relationship but she's blowing me off. I really like her but feel I can't really do anything. She told a close friend of mine that she likes me but just wants to remain friends. I know that is not true. I can see that she wants more and I know I am not misreading her. Should I give her time and just take a break? I'll answer any questions you girls might have. It's not that I'm desperate or trying to take advantage of her. I'm just confused about her actions. She is 10 years older than me.


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  • I think you chould give her some time.
    After a while (another week) I chould open up to her in person.
    Just give it time.
    You guys were good friends right! I think it will just turn out fine!

    • Thanks Amy! I will try but it is a little more complicated than how I described everything. Valentine's Day is just around the corner anyway, so I will see if I get a positive reaction.

    • Aha! I see! I would send her something small ( like a rose or maby a letter) See how she is going to react.

      But a lot can happen in 16 days! Dont lose hope ;)

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