He said that he would get sad if I dated another guy? This is urgent?

But he also said that he understands if I would date another guy...
what does this mean
does he like me?


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What Guys Said 2

  • I'd say he likes you, but most likely does not feel good enough for you. Maybe he has some issues with himself or low self-esteem.

    Proper time to actually say something if you like him. How about: "well, maybe I wouldn't want to date another guy if that makes you sad, but I'd also need you to tell me what would make you happy" and smile maybe...

    Ha, I amaze myself with these lines... imagine I was one shy fucker at some point.

    • This makes a lot of sense... I'll do that thank you

  • Pretty obvious he does. He wants to be the one dating you.

    • Yeah sometimes you get blind and don't see what's right infront of you..

    • Go for it. If he doesn't ask, then you ask him. Nothing to lose!

What Girls Said 1

  • He could be Testing you to See what you Might say. Pretending it doesn't bother him, when really it most Likely does.
    Otherwise, not Knowing the Whole story Here, dear, he may Also be Giving or has been Giving you Helpful Hints, where you both can Go out and About and Date other people.
    I suggest Open Lines of Convo ASAP, so you Both can Get on the Same page.
    Good Luck. xx

    • Yes but I think he is testing me because he saw me at the party with My Male friend dancing and he came up to me and asked to go with him instead of the guy that i was dancing with lol. Do u think he was a bit jealous since he tried to get me out of there with him? In a nice way ofc

    • Being you both had no real verbal commitment, I think yes, he was being territorial.
      Time to talk with him and get on the same page so you both don't Lose one another. xx

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