Do you make it known how you filter people when it comes to dating?

On the internet i might argue and tell women that they should change this and that to be more decent and better dating material but in real life i dont care most of the time, if i find a deal breaker i keep it a secret and only tell friends if they ever ask but never actually go and tell the girl that she should change in a certain way if she wants to date me, basically i filter girls without even letting girls realise i find something unappealing in them.

what about you? do you actually tell the girl/guy that they need to be smarter, not have a tattooee, not sleep around or anything that you find a deal breaker and refuse to have in a future partner? or... do you just keep quiet and move on without making the person realise you're actually turned off and will never date them?
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  • I make it known.
    A lot of Girls think that men are thirsty, and they think that just because you pursue them, that they can get away with certain little silly things, but I let them know right off the bat, that looks really don't phase me.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I make it known that I dont like guys who smoke and guys who dont want marriage/kids


What Guys Said 2

  • I definitely never tell. No matter how I feel about the girl, I always act like she's the most amazing most interesting woman ever. I feel that it makes for a more enjoyable date for all those involved.

  • I'm too shy to even speak to girls lol


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