Would you consider dating someone a good friend of yours had already been on a date or two with before?

Your good friend and this person went on two dates and then your friend said they weren't feeling it and ended things. The person was quite upset as they really liked your friend. You get to know them a bit a few months later and they seem like a really nice person, conversation is easy and you have a bit in common. Would you consider dating them?

  • No. Even if I really liked them the connection to my friend would be too awkward
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  • Probably not. If they weren't good enough for my friend why would they be good enough for me?
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  • I'd consider it. They'd have to be someone I was super attracted to or something though
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  • Yes. The connection to my friend wouldn't bother me, so I'd be happy to give them a chance and see where things go
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What Guys Said 2

  • Just give it a chance, man. Why not?

  • Maybe yes


What Girls Said 1

  • No. If he was very upset that my friend rejected him, I wouldn't trust that he was over her. I wouldn't want to feel like his second choice.


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