Does he like me Im getting this weird vibe?

I've been giving me these weird vibes lately. This guys and i decided to study for our teachers license. From then on, we met up once a week. The first week we were suppose to meet up, but i couldn't go bc i was sick and he told me to take care and feel better. As week went, we met up and studied. One week, he came and told me he was sick, he couldve told me, so he could stay home, but he didn't wanna back out last min. Once he asked me who i was interested in, and he guessed who i like, and he told me one of that guy's deepest darkest secret and got me really upset and got me not liking him. Couple weeks later, we decided to take a break and grab a bite, and i told him, ill be right back, lemme go to the bathroom, and he said, let me hold ur bag. I didn't want to, but he insisted, and i felt bad. I thought it was weird for a guy friend to do that i guess? Lately, we been studying a lot for the test since it was 2 weeks away. I went to visit him at work, and my nails were painted and he said, I LIKE UR NAILS. I REALLY LIKE THT COLOR. Or i had a cut on my hand, WHAT HAPPEN ARE YOU OKAY? i told him, and he said Oh i like that! The day before the test, we studied in a room, and he started talking about his sister and mom, life, sex life stuff. I guess he was comfortable around me. Then he drove me home, and started talking more about his life. And said things he liked once i said something like, "oh i know im short" "I really like it when people are honest about themselves" or "I LIKE THAT, U SMRT" and told me some great date spots. After we both finished our test, he waited with me to get picked up. We were talking and he said, i wouldn't mind driving you home again! My place from his place is 30 min drive, and i thought hmm.. And said if he had a girlfriend, he would love to drive her around my area. Then he asked "what are you doing tomorrow?" told him i gotta study. He replied aww i wanted to ask you if u wanted to go ice skating and go eat with my friends tomorrow. What now?
I forgot to mention, couple times, he mentions about his ex and how they broke up. when I was at his work place, i was sitting there doing hw while he was talking to his friend. It was funny how they were talking about girls, and all of a sudden there was an awkward silence. I didn't look at them bc i didn't wanna be nosy. But There was just silence while they were talking about girls and their ex...
Is he just being friendly with me? Because I honestly dont want to over think. i dont want to make the same mistake i made with another guy i liked by overthinking and thinking he liked me back and it turned out pretty bad.


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  • He's attracted to you but also can't tell if your interested.

    • I mean, I'm beginning to develop feelings for him and i dont know how to portray it.

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    • LOL. Some of his co workers are single themselves and I tried hooking him up with him with one of my friends as a joke and he said no thank you and said he's not in a rush. Which, I thought that was BS LOL. I asked one of my friend and she said, guys doesn't really get personal with girls much unless they like you. Is that true? Because when we were studying, our conversation was getting really personal and deep.

    • Well they dont tend to give clues/cues that seem like they are day dreaming other than to family and really personal friends.

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  • he likes u, the guy whose deep dark secret he shared with you, was that guy his frnd?

    • Yea. Thats his coworker too.

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    • did**

    • what was the secret that he told you about his co worker?

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  • Yes, I actually think that he is into you.


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