Why has my girlfriend been acting so sensual lately?

Me and my girlfriend have been going out for a bit more than half a year. She's a small but extremely cute, sexy, and smart Filipina girl with super long shiny black hair. So a few days ago my girlfriend's parents and little brother went out of town to visit her older sister who lives by herself and didn't take her since this week at our school we gave several big projects so she invited me for a week sleepover because she felt lonely and wanted a study buddy. I agreed. When I got there she was super happy and literally jumped in my arms for a long kiss. After that she has been really sensual. Whenever we arrive home from school she always starts making out while throwing off her uniform, she walks around the house in nothing but a tank top, when we're watching TV she'll cuddle against me and rub her boobs on my shoulder, when we went swimming her top 'accidentally' fell off, and let me disrobe her before we slept together (not sex just sleeping next to each other) and she wrapped her leg around me and held me tight. Why has she been like this? She's usually very reserved and independent. We promised not to have sex before marriage so why is she so hormonal?


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  • Probably because she is feeling more comfortable around you. Also, she is attracted to you, so...


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  • I'm guessing that she is that way cause she can cut loose and experiment with her sexuality and enjoy herself feeling that way with you. Props on waiting until marriage you two. Good luck
    She is also a horny teenager. While she knows that she can't have sex with you. She can still enjoy/get off by being nakey with you.


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