If you and the guy you have been seeing dor a few months are the start of a downfall are there any tricks to saving a casual relationship?

I've been seeing this guy for a while and he kind of stopped asking me to hang out.

I haven't been desperate or tried to continually initiate conversation with him. He will still send me dumb snap chats, but who really calls that a conversation? Snap chats please... he could be sending those messages to several people so it's not really personal.

I've decided that I won't contact him again as I haven't for the last week.

Im starting to think that I meant nothing to him. Honestly I think I deserved more from this guy.

Im starting to see him as a waste of my time and thoughts.

Any my advice on how to turn it around? I enjoyed hanging out with him, but overall he's not worth it to me if he's not going to pursue hanging out with me. I need more from him then just snap chats.

Maybe be its better to just forget about him which is probably pretty accurate st this point right now.

Maybe be its best to move on, focus on people who show me a little more respect.


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  • How serious is this this? In terms of longevity and face to face to interaction? I'd need to know that before going further...


What Girls Said 1

  • No, I don't think there are any tricks to save your situation.


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