Does it sound like I could potentially meet this girl or am I just overthinking it?

So there's this girl. We seem to get on really well. I was asking if her if I'd would get to see her when I attend an event up in her home town. She was like teasing saying "honestly if I'm around then I will" She's had a really tough week with her boyfriend telling her she's boring and that he meant what he said he next day when they had a heart to heart. And her house mate ditching her on a night out. I gave her some advice that maybe she should go back home to take herself out of the atmosphere but if she did to come back home when I'm up. And she asked me what dates I was going. I asked her again like the week before I was going and she said that she is going home but her sister will be home too. I'm kinda wondering if she's arranged for her sister to meet me with her perhaps? Or maybe I'm just over thinking this whole thing?


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  • Well i m sorry to say but usually sweet guys who ask about how days are going and stuff are usually friendzoned. So she MAY (i m not quite sure since i don t know all the details) be trying to let you down slow since she appreciates you as a friend more then a partner. Plus she currently seems to be healing from a past or current relationship and you can t ask much from her. Let the time show what it hides


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