He didn't say "i love you" back?

To start off with, i have really bad anxiety. keep that in mind.
Earlier today i found out i have pneumonia.

just now i was texting my boyfriend because he wanted his hoodie back. It was a present from a deceased relative but i said i didn't want to give it back just yet. he said it was fine but i could tell he was upset.
because he was upset i didn't want to say i had pneumonia in fear of it being an innapropriate time. so i didn't and he got even more angry when i refused to talk about it.
He said he had to go so i said okay. i said goodnight, i love you. as i do every night. he replied with "goodnight" and nothing else. we normally send the messenger hearts so i sent my 10 or so like always. he replied with nothing.
i said "i love you too" in attempt to get him to say it but he said "alright." and went offline.

is he just mad? im really scared.


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  • He is pissed with you for holding onto something that you think means more to you than he thinks it means to him (it is more valuable to him). Saying that you love him or using other emotions will not work here, since you've already worked him up. It may be a good idea to give it back.

    • well he just dumped me so.

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    • Well it's alright then.

    • Sorry to interject, but his mother probably made him break up with you because she may have felt it was the right thing to do. In this case I would say you should trust that it happened for a good reason, accept it with grace and get on with enjoying your life.

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  • Don t worry he's just mad give him some time


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  • Yeah he's just upset give him some time. Was it not giving back the hoodie that made him angry?

    • I think me keeping something from him is what really set him over the edge. i repeated i would tell him tomorrow but he just got more and more snappy

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    • I know it would... I told him i would but i would need a bit more time because he knows how much i hate change

    • It's just giving him his hoodie back that's not much of a change

  • He has no idea what's going on. How would you feel if the roles were reversed? Would you be ok with what you did?

    • i did put myself in his shoes so i did end up telling him but he still seems snappy

    • You did, but you did it after the fact. You can't unring the bell. Aside from that, it's how he feels, too. It's up to him now. Anything more you do will just tip the scales against you, no matter how well intentioned it is.

  • you're 14, you're way too young to be saying I love you, and meaning it

    • fight me.

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    • yes, i really am. you dont know what i think.

    • no, yo9u're not. and, i do

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  • he is not ready to say it


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