Alright, he pays, he drives me to and from, is it a date?

I've liked this guy for awhile, so I decided I'd ask him to hang out, go see a movie or something. I didn't specify when, I just gave him a few days and he said he'd see if he had time off. Please note, also, all I said was hang out - we're friends, I didn't mean to be asking him on a date, put simply I'm not that bold. Once he figured out a time, he offered to pay for both of us (no matter how much I tried to insist that I could pay my own way) and was giving me a ride there and back, neither of which I suggested. He also drove me home the day before so he could see where to pick me up from. I, personally, don't think this is odd nor does it seem like a date to me. Yes, he's paying, but it could just be his being polite. He's also driving, but he knows I don't have a car. Yet, my friends and family insist that even if I didn't see it as a date, he did.

So, a question for the guys, and maybe some experiences from the girls:

If you're hanging out with a friend that's a girl, do you pay for it all?


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  • I would say he probably see's it as a date.

    If you're not interested in dating him I would suggest you pay sometime and you can use that subject to more or less say its not a date. If you ARE interested in him use that as a subject and say you'd like to pay for the next date!.

    I would say it was a date though.

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