Guys, have you ever dated an insanely hot woman that gets hit on constantly? How do you react to the constant barrage of dudes that want to compete?


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  • You're seriously asking that, on THIS site, with the most socially-inept, bitter, misogynistic pricks on the face of the earth?

  • What matters is how she handles it.

  • Guys used to flirt with my ex wife on occasion with me right there usually its more entertaining than anything cause dudes have zero game. I dated a girl in PA that the second she would leave my side guys would move in on her, again with no game.
    I just let it happen mostly as long as they aren't being persistent or disrespectful.
    In the event of disrespect id give a warning and if it went unheeded id put my 9 in their mouth

    • a little extreme with the 9mm... I agree though that its funny to watch how most guy's game is totally laughable. Just go to a bar with a hot bartender and watch all the dumbasses that hit on her its some of the best comedy hahaha

    • Its not extreme, if i say " hey ass hole, back it off or you get a new hole to breath out of."
      Then the dont back it off, shit im a man of integrity.

      One the game subject, you know what they say, practice makes perfect, my tongue wasn't always silver. They gotta polish their skills somewhere. Yay for onlookers

    • lol onlookers...
      yes everyone has to practice sometimes... Any dude that says he never banged a slump buster is full of shit!!

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