Is a raincheck a soft rejection? Who reschedules a raincheck?

So, I met a girl at a grocery store after the New Year. We exchanged numbers, planned on watching Star Wars together, but she got sick and we rescheduled the following week. Before the movie theater, we texted everyday about our daily activities, some personal stuff, and about our shared interests. Our first meetup, we watched a movie, talked after, and then got a long three-hour dinner during which we learned more about each other. In the end, I reached in for a hug but she side-ways one-armed hugged. Hmm..

Three days later, I asked if she wanted to go to one of our favorite cafe but she asked for a raincheck because she had exams. We're both students, so I said don't worry about it and let me know when you want to hangout.

Well, we didn't speak/text for several days, so I texted her a picture of what I was working on and asked about her last few days, and she told she's been studying but also went on a series of trips with friends in the area. Then we talked about other things and that was it.

Personally, I was under the impression that if someone rainchecks then they reschedule? Now, I wonder if her raincheck and/or sideways onearm hug was a soft rejection (s)? Should I ask her out again?


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  • Ask her out once more, if she flakes again move on.


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