If a guy doesn't want to date you, why does he continue to send you snap chats? Wouldn't you just stop sending them if you weren't interested?

This guy is 31, by the way.


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  • Sorry to be blunt but if not for friends then he probably wants sex

    • To be honest they're not sexual snap chats. They are just things that he's doing like skiing or something...

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    • I just recently got snap chat so I don't really know it's etiquette or whatever. I don't know the norms. I don't send sexual snap chats either. I like to keep it PG pretty much. I'm smart enough not to post anything I wouldn't want someone to see.

    • Aha well either way I wouldn't judge. They could be just interested in friendship, it's just a possibility:)

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  • Probably because he wants to keep you interested in him.

    • What's the point then if he won't ask you to hang out anymore?

      I'm to the point where I will not hang out with him, unless he asks... and even if he ask I'm not sure I will hang out with.

      I still like him, and I think that is on only reason I would consider. Wish I didn't like him because his behavior just sucks.

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  • yup, wants a friend with bennys.

  • probably just wants something physical and you should block him if you're not into that


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