How to know if you are in the friendzone?

Easiest way to know is to go up to her/him and tell that person your feelings BUT... I'm in a different situation.

When I was dating my ex I met this girl and she was very cute and we got along real good but I had a girlfriend and she was seeing someone else at the time so nothing happened obviously. Later on I ended my relationship but she was already one year into her relationship at that time so no chance there. Later on, her boyfriend broke up with her and she was hurt and stuff so of course she needed time for herself and then I end up moving out of the city for school for 2 years. Our friendship connection is amazing, we are best friends. I even told her I was gonna marry her and she said " you better come back for your fiancée hahahaha" but we always joke around like that and we tell each other cute things once in a blue moon. Andd She still hasn't got over her ex unfortunately.

Would this be considered friendzone?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't think you are. I think she is just still dealing with her feelings for her ex. You should just hang out and just keep getting close. Flirt with her and move things up a bit from just friendship. Hint that you want to be more than that or if you're feeling bold just ask her outright if she wants to give things a go.


Most Helpful Guy

  • There is no freindzone. There is a Brozone or your just not her type. Next time you two are teasing make a comment like want to go on a date. After she makes a remark and laughs. Get serious and in a serious tone say that you were actually being serious and you would like to date her and try to get to know her more.


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What Girls Said 1

  • The only way to know for sure is to ask her if she wants to try dating


What Guys Said 2

  • She's not over her ex yet, so I think that it's likele that you're friendzoned.

  • Dude she is damaged goods. If her boyfriend is more alpha than you then you will never have her heart. Move onto another girl that isn't going to be thinking of her ex cock while you are fucking her.


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