After asking a guy out? He said yes?

Well, I could tell that he wanted to befriend me earlier in the semester, but he got flirtatious and and started being more than aqcaintency, right after some guy really used me. The guy who used me really messed me up and took advantage of the fact that i didn't have relationship experience. So I was hoping to find someone on my level, less partners.

This guy started to get flirty and it freaked me out. Like really, out of no where when we hardlyy talked and he didn't seem interested. I was upset and I didn't want another player. And blew him off. After considering how he seemed genuine and then to turn hurt or douchey when I was sort of staying away from him (heard of his player reputation) and I didn't want another guy like that... even though he seemed kind and wasn't forward at first. So I decided to ask him to hang and he said yes but now I regret it. I feel so silly. Whats worse is my friend said he saw him with a pretty girl and they were going back to his dorm last week. Well, i'm pretty average, and not so friendly either which is why this whole thing is sort of funny to me.

I figured I'd try, but I feel odd after asking a guy to hang out who had interest in me, I hardly have any experience dating, and I am "good" girl not really flirty or have his flirt reputation. Im not sure if its nerves, but I feel like it just can't go right. Im not a flirt, and he seemed to try and flirt with me regardless, and I just like normal stuff like reading. Im pretty sure I'll be boring.



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  • then go ahead

    • why should i? isn't weird and embarassing that i asked anyway... i mean also i regret it because if he would of cared enough to ask he would of, even if i was being crabby?

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    • you are simple girl that's great and even i am also so simple. so ya there are simple guys for simple girls like you.

    • long question so less reply. but i read it full

  • you'll do great


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