What does it mean when he does this?

I told my boyfriend Im sick yesterday and last night he called me out of no where and said "im outside" and so I went outside and he was in his car. I went inside and he said "i just wanted to see you since you were sick"... lol is this romantic gesture or something?


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  • It means he's checking up on you. It's a bit of a funny way to do it though. Drag a sick girl out of her house, lol

    • lol is it bad?

    • No. It's nice, he obviously cares about you.

    • oh okay. yeah because he hasn't met my parents yet so he can't visit me inside my house yet lol

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  • No he doesn't trust you. He thought you were making excuses and actually was going out with that cute guy you flirted with last week, and now he's checking up on you to see if you're not lying.

    Dump him. Or at least give him hell about this. He should just trust you.

  • awwh so sweet. He cares about you a lot. You shoud be happy hey


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