What does coming on too strong mean to you?

If a person who sucks at flirting tries to flirt and fails miserably or if they try to get to know you in a more private environment so that neither or you would be harassed for trying to all to one another inside of a work place... Would that make you uncomfortable or would you think that person is sweet for trying to consider how you'd feel if the exchanges happened in front of people you both see all the time?


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  • Obviously never happenex to me lol but I believe that there is no need to put someone down when he did nothing bad or wrong. The world is already a tough place, no need to make it tougher. Just politely decline and that's all to go all in on the person.


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  • To me it means that they constantly keep trying to get me by contacting me all the damned time, even though I have showed them that I am not interested.


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