So should I be more of a snob, more stuck up than as nice as I have been with guys?

I've been seeing a lot of guys say they prefer women who are a bit snotty, have a quick tongue, are opinionated, etc... I tend to keep my thoughts to myself when they are of that nature. And I try to be more nice, especially when I just meet a guy. But I've been told it's not good to be too nice because it's a turn off. So should I drop my nice attitude and be a snob?
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  • you can be opinionated and still nice. just learn how to speak eloquently. same with having a quick tongue (though it's best to think before you speak).
    don't be a snob though. thats a waste of your life.

  • Who told you that? I take nice girl over snob any second

  • Depends on the guy, some guys like snobby girls, but I think most guys prefer nice girls.


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