Did I just get ghosted?

Hello everyone,

My situation is that I recently met up with a visiting assistant professor last month and we've been on two dates with the last date being around 3 weeks ago. I thought the date went well as at the end we sealed it with a long kiss and it seemed like she had a lot of fun. 2 weeks ago she asked me to come to a beer festival with her friend and her but I couldn't make it. We had been texting each other every few days and this past weekend I asked her to hang out but she said she was busy filling out job applications and that she would keep me posted. She never got back to me. I'm completely confused on what I should do next as I thought everything was going well. Can someone give me their thoughts on what I should do?


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  • You got ghosted. If I were you, I would move on.


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  • i think you should wait... and if she doesn't Text you back you should Start looking for someone else


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