Is it a turn off when a guy approaches you about someone else liking you?

I told my co-worker yesterday that I think a chick from another department that he works with is really cute. I always catch her looking up at me from across the department. I know she has a boyfriend, but when I was commenting on how nice she looked, he informed me that she is now single. In my surprise I said "put in a good word for me!" as I was leaving for the day. Now I know he is gna say something to her about me, my question is; is she going to think I'm lame for not approaching her myself? Obviously I still have the opportunity to go talk to her and it not be a big deal, but what should my approach be in this situation? It feels pretty awkward and I'm not sure if I'm over thinking this or if I should just let it go?


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  • Not trying to be harsh, but I'd think the guy is a wuss.

    • That's what I figured, I just kinda said it to him without thinking. In reality I had every intention of talking to her on my own but now I'm wondering if I messed up already haha

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    • Cool and I feel like she's given me some signals too so Im sure it should be fine.

    • Good luck xx

What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, women are usually put off when someone approaches them on someone else's behalf.

    And she has a boyfriend, so it's better to not have anything to do with her (romantically). Could spell trouble for you.

    • Her having a boyfriend is why I didn't approach initially, but she is now single.

    • Well... you said she 'has' a boyfriend, so I assumed this is the current situation.

      If you are sure that she is single, just approach her yourself to maximise your chances. Good luck! :)

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