If a guy/girl has a friend that admits to having a crush on them & that guy/girl has a bf/gf should they distance themselves/stop texting that person?

Like if a girl was friends with a guy and that guy started flirting with her and showing and admitting he's interested and knows that the girl has a boyfriend should the girl stop talking to the guy or at least distance themselves from the person
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This happens to deal with something going on with me rn so votes and opinions would be very much appreciated


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  • depends on how close you are to that person. if you're really close just try and let them down easy

    • What do you mean by let them down easy, like obviously they'll tell their friend "hey not interested" but after that what?

    • like "hey you're a really cool person and I care about you as a friend but I'm with someone and I hope you can respect that."
      and give them space. don't try and force contact after that - some people respond differently to rejection. if they want to stay friends that's okay if they respect your relationship.

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