He's using me until he finds someone else?

Me and my boyfriend split yesterday after over a year. He lives far away from me, more than just a drive, he lives overseas. He split because of distance. But it never seemed to bother him until now.

Today we got back together, but he said it's not official. More like casual. He said if he didn't find someone else he would stay with me. I tried to tell him it hurt me, and i felt used but he got snappy. He still loves me but it's the distance. I don't like feeling like I'm being used for just company. What should I do? feel free to ask for more details


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  • Get rid of him.
    Anyone who uses "I will stay with you unless I find someone else" is a complete twat and an ass.
    It shows that he won't be committed and probably will never stay with you.

    Find a new guy.


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