İ'm turning 25 next month, recently broken up with my boyfriend and i'm concerned I will never be able to find love anymore because of my age?

Why do i feel this way? İ've always dreamt about finding a soulmate one day and get old with him. but i'm really scared that men prefer younger girls. İ know İ'm still young for now but İ'm on the edge so İ feel the urge to find a good man before İ'm getting older. And it's not that İ can find a man whenever i want, how can i meet people and potential partners? İs it true that young women past their 25 are less attractive to young men (25-30)?


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  • That isn't true. Some guys go for younger women just for their body & sex. I know how you feel. I'm 27 & single and still think I may never find a soulmate for me but you gotta have faith. I know it sucks seeing people younger or older than you getting into relationships or getting married or having kids but your time will come. If you force yourself trying to find your soulmate, you'll end up being with the wrong person who's gonna break your heart & have you question yourself. If you want to meet potential partners, try going out of your comfort zone. Try group cooking classes where it forces you to talk with people for a few classes or workshops where you could people with the same interests as you


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  • Yes it's true. We are undesirable to men, just give up.

    • Seriously?

    • I'm 25, and single. It's true for me at least. Men are too dificult to please and it's too much hassle trying to please them. I'd rather just ignore them now.

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