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So I have a crush and I get nervous or try to avoid him because he knows I like him. Well he's been waiting since November for me to talk to him and he's been trying to talk to me but I usually run away or don't notice. We'll I talked to him for the first and it went bad talked fast and he didn't understand me, then I talked to him for the second time and it went well I asked him if he still wants to get to know me and he said yes because he talked to my friend to find stuff about me and get help to talk to me and im getting confused because I don't know if he likes me or is trying to be nice and I have to get his number so we can speak more and I asked how we're going to talk more since my dms don't like sending messages her said we'll figure it out. So does he like me or not?


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  • Slow down. Slowwww down. Breathe with me.
    Yes he likes you. Just relax and go with the flow


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