I'm 19 he's 36? Complete opposites?

I need some advice. I'd like to be as discreet as possible about the situation. I met this guy online and there's this age gap. He is completely okay with it but I'm actually not. I like this guy. I literally jump when my phone rings and I seen I've gotten a text from him. My issue is that I can't rationalize being with him because it just sounds crazy but I can't stop talking to him also. I want to try it out but I dont want to deal with the backlash of having to sell him to everyone in my life so I've been keeping him at arms reach but I can't completely let him go. I'm basically wasting this mans time. I even got a boyfriend my age hoping that this guy would just overall give up on me and stop trying but he didn't at that time. Now I feel like he's getting distant when we talk and I'm flipping out because I want him in my life probably more then I want my actual boyfriend but It's scary because I'd be more hurt he left then if my boyfriend left so I'm in this situation where I'd rather just date someone as a placeholder so I won't have to go experiment with this other guy. The age gap could potentially hurt me in the long run. I'd rather have a 18 year old screw me over then a 36 year old. Whats your opinion on this


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  • Hm... I would say yes that's a very huge age gap.
    What does a guy that age want with a girl like you. I mean what can you honestly do for him? You guys aren't on the same level.

    But I know a girls who is 19 and her husband is 34 so it is possible.
    Explaining him to your parents, family, and friends good luck
    If you honestly like this guy I would say give it a shot


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