Should girl text first after fight?

We are not officialy anything but got into a fight a month ago because he was texting other girl too (people say she is a slut and probably only wanted her for sex) I'm a good behaved girl (don't drink nor smoke) and he is the opposite...
3 weeks ago he texted me but I didn't reply. 2 days ago I saw him at a bar and he tried to talk to me but I told him I didn't want to talk there... Now I'm thinking maybe I should text him something like this:
Hey (name) If you wanna talk just let me know and we can talk, I didn't want to talk at the bar because I don't think its the right place... Take care

Should I? What would you think if you were him? I'm afraid I'll look needy


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  • You aren't dating, he can text or talk to whoever he wants and it's none of your business. You said you didn't want to talk so he left you alone. He obviously doesn't care enough to pursue you or he would have contacted you, so take the hint and leave it be.


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