Why does she say she loves me, but makes fun of me for being single?

This girl and I have been friends, and people asked if we were dating but we always were like "Ew no" and kind of said we'd never date one another.

But karma bit me and I ended up liking her, and she found out. Just these past weeks she stares at me while twirling her hair ridiculously. If I look back she looks away. Just a few weeks ago she said she loves me. Usually she means it sarcastically, but she sounded serious. Then for no reason she made me a heart out of a pink pipe cleaner. But she steals my phone, spams the camera with over 100 photos, and then teases me about how many followers I have on Instagram and Facebook, and talks about how I'm single. Then a few days later she randomly touched me on my cheek and just left her hand there.

But the next day I ignored her because my friends said something embarrassing about me so I felt awkward. She kept staring at me as I talked to my friend for some reason. That was the last time I saw her for 5 days, and when I returned she was so weird. I walked in and she was with her friends and she just looked at me and got all quiet, even though her one friend said "Oh my gosh [her name]!". And it was the same for the whole hour, she just was very quiet (something she's usually not) and stared at me with a sad face. What does she want from me?


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  • if you really want to find out just ask her out. if she says no, at least you can have closure


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