Uhh, bit of a basic question. How do I get a girlfriend?

Uh okay, so the deal is I'm 18 next week and I've NEVER been in a relationship, not even one of those silly little ones in primary school, and with things how they are at the moment it makes you feel like your going to die alone, so what's the best way to attract a girl?

P.s, I'm not Poor, I'm well groomed, dress well and always wear aftershave/cologne, and in my opinion I'm not a terribly ugly person


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  • Hello,

    some basic phycology, men are the agressor so you need to move on her, if you see a girl you like. walk up to her, ask for her name, start a conversation, make her laugh,. keep it short (only about 2 -3 min). after this ask for her NUMBER, wait about 5 days then CALL HER.. NO TEXTS. arrange a date with her, then meet up for about 1 hour.. if you can keep her interested in you by dating once a week for about 2 months you will have a girlfreind..

    Good Luck


    • Thanks alot, that really helps

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  • It's not an exact science, there's no sure fire way. The best advice is get out there.

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